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The cabinet of His Royal Highness Prince Vladimir Karadjordjevic in Serbia was founded on St Andrew day, the 13th of December 2016. At that occasion, HRH Prince Vladimir signed the founding charter of the cabinet and defined that the seat of the cabinet will be in Belgrade, Serbia and that the chief of cabinet will be Mr. Dejan Damnjanovic.  The idea of the cabinet of HRH Prince Vladimir is to provide the firm and direct connection between His Royal Highness and Serbian people, as well as the activity in conducting humanitarian and other social projects.

The cabinet is not merly a static representative structure of Prince Vladimir in Serbia but also an active association of people who share the same ideas.

The central elements of the platform of the cabinet are: traditionalism, patriotism, Orthodoxy and neo-byzantism (as a substructure of the Eurasian zone). The synergy of these four elements represents the understanding of the idea of monarchy of Prince Vladimir. HRH Prince Vladimir suggests that the monarchy should not be established „from above“, through some juridical action, but rather „from below“ through the gradual reestablishment of the elements of monarchy and organic society rooted in tradition. In other words – a monarchy in juridical sense shall be the consequence and not the cause. This type of organic society can be depicted through St Nikolaj Velimirovic’s thesis about the metaphyiscal trinity on which monarchy is based: God, King and housefather.

In that sense, these are the words of HRH Prince Vladimir:

“My idea is to reconstruct the elements of tradition within the Serbian society from “below” and not from “above”. And, as always, my idea is to serve the Serbian people and not to rule. I always kept in mind what I have learned from my father and my ancestors – my relation with the people should never be based on the command: “Advance”, but rather always on: “Follow me!”