Monarchist Front

Monarchist Front of the cabinet of HRH Prince Vladimir Karadjordjevic is a movement with the main purpose of intensifying the social and political influence of the cabinet of HRH in contemporary Serbian context.

Some of the most important positions of the Monarchist Front are:


In contemporary global context, we are witnessing the dramatic negative effect of the various forms of the „hyper-state“ which provide the global interests for the neoliberal centers of power. These „hyper-states“, like the EU, IMF, WTO and others, usurp the parts of the sovereignity of the states. The final consequence of this process is the hegemony of the multinational neoliberal net over the states which do not have their full sovereignity anymore. Our position is that it is necessary to protect the full sovereignity of Serbia on various levels – first of all on the monetary and economic level, and as a consequence, on the political level.


Our idea is that it is necessary to build a society and a state on some transcendental or „higher“ principle. Monarchist Front supports the idea that the transcendental paradigm of society is a counterpoint to the contemporary apotheosis of imanence. Our idea is that this transcendental principle should be based on the empiric collective heritage which emerges from the history of our nation.


Monarchist front stands for the idea of monarchy as the best form for our state. The only two ideological systems which are not imported to Serbia throughout its history are tradition and monarchy. We think that Serbia should build its contemporary identity on these two patterns. We stand for the idea of the Constitution from 1931 as the basis of the new Constitution in context of the restoration of monarchy in Serbia.


Sabornost is a term which comes from the Orthodox and traditional terminology and means „union“ or „mutual interest“. Monarchist Front supports the principle of sabornost as the only adequate reaction to the contemporary errosive effect of neoliberalism in society. We believe that sabornost should be applied to the various aspects of society through concrete measures, from legislation, laws, to the economy and politics.

Protection of workers

Monarchist Front believes that the laws in Serbia after 2000, have been modelled first of all to protect the interests of the neoliberal elites. The workers are a collateral damage of this monetary and economic colonisation of Serbia by the neoliberal multinational centers. The poverty is increasing and it became a dramatic and acute phaenomenon. We stand for a set of laws which would intercept this catastrophic impact on the citizens of Serbia.